CAT 2024 Response Sheet and Objection Form Released

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a pivotal examination for aspiring management professionals, serving as a gateway to some of the most prestigious business schools in India. As candidates eagerly await their results, the release of the CAT 2023 Response Sheet and Objection Form marks a crucial milestone in their MBA journey. In this article, we will delve into the significance of these documents and guide candidates on how to utilize them effectively.

Understanding the CAT 2024 Response Sheet:

The CAT 2023 Response Sheet is a comprehensive document that provides candidates with a detailed overview of their performance in each section of the exam. It includes the answers marked by the candidate, along with the correct answers, allowing individuals to assess their strengths and weaknesses. This transparency is instrumental in helping candidates understand their performance objectively and make informed decisions regarding further preparation or future attempts.

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Key Features of the CAT 2024 Response Sheet:

  1. Section-wise Analysis: The response sheet breaks down the candidate’s performance in each section, enabling them to identify areas of strength and weakness. This granular analysis is invaluable for developing a targeted and strategic approach to future attempts.
  2. Correct Answers: By providing correct answers alongside the candidate’s responses, the response sheet aids in self-evaluation. Candidates can gauge their accuracy, identify misconceptions, and rectify errors in their approach to specific questions.
  3. Time Management Evaluation: The response sheet also indicates the time spent on each question. Analyzing this data allows candidates to assess their time management skills, a critical aspect of succeeding in the time-constrained CAT exam.

Utilizing the Objection Form:

The release of the CAT 2023 Objection Form provides candidates with an opportunity to challenge any discrepancies or errors they may find in the response sheet. If a candidate believes that a particular question has been incorrectly evaluated or if there is a genuine discrepancy in the answer key, they can raise objections through the online objection form.

Steps to Raise Objections:

  1. Log in to the CAT Candidate Portal: Candidates need to log in to the official CAT candidate portal using their credentials.
  2. Access the Response Sheet: Navigate to the section containing the CAT 2023 Response Sheet and locate the specific question(s) in question.
  3. Submit Objections: Use the objection form to submit a detailed explanation of the objection, citing relevant evidence or references. Clearly articulate the reason for the objection to ensure a comprehensive review.
  4. Pay Attention to Timelines: Be mindful of the deadlines for submitting objections. It is crucial to adhere to the timeline specified by the CAT authorities to ensure that objections are considered.


The release of the CAT 2023 Response Sheet and Objection Form is a critical phase in the MBA admissions process. Candidates should seize this opportunity to reflect on their performance, identify areas for improvement, and, if necessary, raise objections to ensure a fair evaluation. By leveraging these resources effectively, aspirants can enhance their preparation strategies and strengthen their prospects of securing admission to top-tier business schools.