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CMAT 2024 last-minute preparation strategy and tips

Every MBA aspirant starts his CMAT preparation by studying basic topics, preparing sample and previous year question papers, mock exam and collecting good study materials. From the moment you start your preparation to the moment you take the exam, everything determines whether you pass or fail.

Most of the candidates work hard to prepare for the CMAT; However, they can jeopardize their chances of passing by forgetting to bring admit cards or other important documents or just panicking during the exam. Therefore, it is important to focus not only on exam preparation but also on what you need to do at the last minute. As a result, we have compiled the best last minute CMAT 2024 preparation tips that will surely help you pass the exam.

Last-Minute Preparation Tips and Strategy

Revise Important Topics

Identify the important sections of the question paper and become familiar with the CMAT 2024 important topics that may be covered in the exam. Revise and go through the topics to clear up any doubts or confusion you may have. This will improve the accuracy and speed with which questions are answered on the CMAT 2024.

Don’t Begin Any New Topic

When there is only one week until CMAT, avoid starting a new chapter. Starting a topic from scratch a few days before the exam is a bad idea because it will not only eat up your time but may also leave you confused and unprepared.


Attempt Mock Tests

Taking CMAT mock tests in the final moments of the exam can provide you with real-world experience taking CMAT 2024. You will be able to determine how well you prepared for the exam by analyzing your performance. You can also practice time management by answering questions in various sections. If you do well in the mock test, you will be more prepared to take the real exam.

Examine CMAT Previous Year Question Papers

Examine CMAT question papers from previous years to determine which topics frequently appear on the exam. Each of the CMAT’s five components will contain 20 questions, each with equal weightage. Examine previous years’ question papers to determine how many questions were asked on each subject in total.


Create a Time Management Plan

The CMAT is a fast-paced aptitude test. Within 180 minutes, 100 questions must be answered. This means you have 1.8 minutes to read, understand, and answer each question. Create an approach that allows you to answer 70-75 questions with the highest level of accuracy in 180 minutes.

Utilize Shortcuts and Tricks for Problem-solving

Spend some time practising the shortcuts and tricks you’ve learned for answering questions that require a lot of calculations, as well as reviewing important topics. Due to time constraints, you must avoid wasting time by doing too much rough work.

Avoid Mugging Up the GK

For the general knowledge section, memorizing names, dates, and facts is pointless. The information will not remain in your memory for very long. It’s best to review any notes you have on current events and static GK.


Stay Calm and Sleep Well 

The stress of an upcoming exam can have a negative impact on students’ mental health. As a result, candidates must remain calm and not be overly concerned with the outcome. They should be confident that they will perform well in the exams and prepare accordingly.