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Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur (IIMU) : Placements, Scholarships, Cut-off

One of the top-performing management schools in the nation is IIM Udaipur, a second-generation IIM. The Indian government founded it that year. By combining excellence in teaching and research, Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur hopes to carry the tradition of the older Indian Institute of Management forward and create new standards for management education. We are devoted to achieving our goal of being a worldwide renowned management school by 2030 at Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, and we are unavoidably moving in that direction.

IIMU is able to promote our fundamental principles of quality and integrity because of its talented faculty, thriving research ecosystem, and success in drawing in the brightest minds in the nation. At IIMU, we encourage our students to broaden their horizons intellectually and in terms of knowledge so they can leave IIMU changed and ready to make a difference in the corporate world and society at large.

In order for our students, professors, and staff to succeed to the fullest, IIMU fosters a positive work environment. In the process of establishing the Institute’s statement of its Mission, Core Values, and Culture, all types of IIMU stakeholders participated.

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Our dedication to thought leadership in theory-building and practice-inspiring research helps us develop dependable leaders by offering management education that is based on moral principles and practical application. We also offer transformative learning experiences.

By concentrating on wealth creation and social welfare, we aid in the growth of the area.

  • Central Values
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Transparency Mutual esteem and inclusion


A 300-acre property near Balicha, about 8 kilometers from the old city, is where Indian Institute of Management Udaipur relocated to its permanent campus in October 2016. The first new IIM to relocate to its permanent site is Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur. All necessary facilities, including the classrooms, hostels, mess, library, Wi-Fi, and other amenities, are completely operational even though the building is still going on.

A campus that competes with the best in India and worldwide is created through the infrastructure, facilities, and classroom layout. In order to carry out its mission to provide leadership in research and teaching, develop responsible leaders, and contribute to the development of the region, the campus will help Indian Institute of Management Udaipur achieve the goals set forth in its Perspective Plan, which calls for approximately 750 students across all of its programs by 2020 and 60 permanent faculty members.

Vision For Upcoming Years

The Board of IIMU oversaw development of the Vision 2030 in order to carry on the trajectory of significant growth, innovation, and accomplishments of the first ten years. The Institute under the direction of our Board member Mr. D Shivakumar, Group Executive President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Aditya Birla Management Corporation, had conducted a detailed visioning exercise with the participation of all the stakeholders. The team came up with a list of 12 top foreign schools that will serve as our standard through the year 2030. The delegation interacted with administrators from colleges and universities all throughout the country as well.

With our new vision, we hope to expand on the illustrious tradition we have already established.

We’ve established clear objectives for 2030, and the two main categories that have developed are, excellent research Change in students From this point on, we would concentrate on improving the transformational journeys of our students. Furthermore, we would make an investment in developing solid relationships with our business partners. By educating its students in management theories and leadership philosophies, Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur hopes to take the lead in how digital technology is transforming the business world. We introduced the only one-year MBA in digital enterprise management program in India last year for seasoned professionals.

Highlights for Indian Institute of Management Udaipur

Year of establishment2011
Institute typePublic/ Autonomous
Campus locationUdaipur
Campus size300 acre
Accredited byAACSB
Number of courses offered12
Accepted entrance examsTwo-year MBA: CAT One-year MBA: GRE, GMAT PhD: CAT/ GMAT/ GATE/ GRE/ UGC NET
Total faculty members54
Scholarship criteriaNeed-based, Category-based, PhD Fellowships
Highlights for IIM Udaipur

Programs offered by Indian Institute of Management Udaipur

1. Degree & Diploma Programs

2. Certificate Programs

3. Fellowship Programs

                 1. Degree & Diploma Programs

(i). Two-year MBA program

(ii). One-year MBA in global supply chain management

(iii). one-year digital enterprise management

(iv). PG diploma in business Administration

2. Certificate Programs

(i). Digital Product Management (DPM)

(ii). Senior Management Program (SMP)

3. Fellowship Programs

Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship

Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur Courses and fees

CourseTuition Fee (Rs.)
Two-year MBA programRs. 7,00,000
One-year MBA in global supply chain managementRs. 22,75,000
one-year digital enterprise managementRs. 22,75,000
PG diploma in business AdministrationRs. 10,00,000
PhDRs. –
Digital Product Management (DPM)Rs. 2,00,000
Senior Management Program (SMP)Rs. 4,00,000
Mahatma Gandhi National FellowshipRs. –
Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur Courses and fees

Placement Process

The hiring procedure is managed by the committed members of IIMU’s Corporate Relations Team. The one- and two-year MBA programs supervise and support all relationships with employers through the Student Placements Committees. The designated point of contact for each organization is a Relationship Manager.

We invite businesses to conduct the complete procedure on-site by coming to our campus. Telephonic, Skype, and video-conferencing capabilities are all accessible if this is not practical.

Never hesitate to get in touch with the Corporate Relations Office for any additional information or a sector.


The following list includes the major achievements of the MBA GSCM and MBA DEM placements at Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur in 2023:

Particulars  2023 MBA GSCM Placement Statistics  Placements for MBA DEMs in 2023  
greatest package  Rs. 36.83 LPA  32.21 LPA Inr  
standard package  Rs. 20.37 LPA  NPR 21.29 LPA  
Typical packaging  LPA of INR 19.00  Rs. 21.00 LPA  
rate of placement  100%  100%  
Companies went.  19  21  


MBA candidates may apply for the following scholarships:

  • Scholarships offered by the Indian government: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment’s Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for Students from Scheduled Castes to Attend Top-Notch Institutions:
  • National Fellowship & Scholarship for ST Students Pursuing Higher Education, provided by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  • Ministry of Minority Affairs’ merit-and-means-based scholarship program serves minority populations
  • Scholarship program for students with disabilities seeking top-quality education.

Mukhya Mantri Sarvajan Uchcha Shiksha Scheme is the name of a scholarship program offered by the Government of Rajasthan for residents of that state.


CategoryCAT 2022 Overall percentile

MBA Admission Process

The Institute’s MBA admissions procedure entails the following steps:

candidate shortlisting for the personal interview (PI) procedure.

PI (Personal Interview) procedure: The Personal Interview (PI) will be conducted online. All IIMs that are taking part in the Common Admission Process (CAP) will use the same PI procedure. Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, the organizing institute for CAP 2023, will let you know the precise date for PI. (The Written Ability Test (WAT)) won’t be offered. Creating the merit list using the profile score, PI score, and CAT scores.

1. Selection Standards for PI Process Short Listing

The percentage cut-offs for each section’s eligibility to move on to the PI procedure as well as the overall CAT percentile for various student categories are listed below:

On the basis of the criteria developed for each category, the Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur Admission Committee will determine the requirements for the MBA program at the Institute and the final number of candidates who will be summoned for the PI process. The overall minimum score as well as section-specific minimum scores would be adjusted to obtain the requisite number of candidates, however, if the actual number of short-listed applicants is discovered to be less (or higher) than the needed number of candidates to be called for PI category-wise.

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur will serve as this year’s CAP 2023 process coordinator. The IIMs who are taking part in the CAP have opted to adopt this method as their common admissions procedure. The candidate’s PI results for CAP 2023 would indicate.

2. Requirements for the Merit List’s Selection

The following are the standards that will be used to create the merit list:

60% on the CAT scale

20% Personal Interview (PI)

Profiling: 25%

The applicant’s CAT score is divided by the highest CAT score obtained by applicants who applied to Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur and attended PI. Clarification: The CAT Score, not the CAT Percentile, will be used. CAT 2022 scores will be used by Indian Institute of Management Udaipur.

a. Personal Appearance: The following factors will be given weights for determining MBA admission to the Institute:

20% Personal Interview (PI)

Candidates won’t be taken into account for the merit list if they don’t achieve a specified minimum score on the PI. Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur will decide the required minimum scores in its exclusive discretion.

3. Profile Here is how the 25% component for Profile will be divided up

Educational background: 9%

employment history: 9%

Diversity is 7%.

i. The following weights will be used for the academic profile:

2% for the tenth grade

Twelfth Grade: 2%

Below-graduate: 4%

(Completed): 1% CA/CS/ICWA

Does IIM Udaipur consider the 2023 cutoff for admission, either overall or by section?

For the PGP program’s admission, IIM Udaipur takes into account both the sectional and overall, CAT cutoffs. Admission to any IIM is not assured by simply meeting the CAT cutoff. The Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD), and Personal Interview (PI) rounds must also be passed by candidates in order to be admitted.

IIM Udaipur’s cutoff for 2023 will be determined by what factors?

The cutoff percentile for the CAT 2022 is established for each Indian Institute of Management based on a number of criteria that influence the admissions process. IIM Udaipur’s CAT cut-off for 2022 is determined by a number of important variables, some of which are listed below:
CAT exam difficulty level
the number of candidates who took the exam
the percentage of candidates that passed the test
a specific institute’s capacity in terms of seats
Rating of the institution across all of India

Is there any reservation in the IIMU?

The Indian Institute Of Management Udaipur provides reservation as stated in the Government of India norms and as mentioned in CAT 2023 advertisement for the Eligibility and Information Bulletin.