You are currently viewing It’s Official: NEET UG Counselling 2023 Date Released – Take the First Step towards Your Medical Journey
NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023 CAREER CHOICE 360

It’s Official: NEET UG Counselling 2023 Date Released – Take the First Step towards Your Medical Journey

Welcome to our in-depth guide on the NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023! This article is your best resource if you’re an aspirant medical student looking for admission to undergraduate programmes in India. We recognise the value of giving you thorough information so you may navigate the NEET UG counselling process and make wise judgements. Our goal is to provide you with useful information that will enable you to get accepted into the medical school of your choice. Let’s examine the details of the NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023, which begins on July 20.

NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023 CAREER CHOICE 360
NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023 CAREER CHOICE 360

Table of Contents

Understanding NEET UG Counselling

For admissions to undergraduate medical programmes in India, the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) organises the NEET UG Counselling. Candidates who have passed the National Eligibility Completion Entrance Test (NEET) must take part in the counselling process. Based on the rankings and preferences of the candidates, the MCC manages the seat distribution.

Important Dates

Here are some important dates you should keep in mind for the NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023:

20th July, 2023 to 25th July, 2023: Registration/Payment

22nd July, 2023 to 26th July, 2023: Choice Filling/ Locking

27th July, 2023 to 28th July, 2023: Processing of Seat Allotment

30th July, 2023: Uploading of documents by the candidates on MCC portal

31st July, 2023 to 4th Aug, 2023: Reporting/ Joining

5th Aug, 2023 to 6th Aug, 2023: Verification of Joined candidates Data by institutes Sharing of data by MCC

Step-by-Step Guide to NEET UG Counselling

Step 1: Registration and Choice Filling

Registration and choice filling are the first steps in the NEET UG Counselling procedure. Candidates must use their NEET roll number, application number, and other necessary information to register on the official MCC website. Candidates can fill out their preferences for colleges and courses following a successful registration.

Step 2: Choice Locking and Seat Allotment

Once candidates have filled their choices, they must lock their preferences within the stipulated time frame. The MCC will consider the locked choices for seat allotment. It’s crucial to make wise decisions and prioritize your preferred colleges and courses during this phase.



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Step 3: Result Declaration

The MCC will announce the result of seat allotment for Round 1 on the specified date. Candidates can check their allotted college and course on the official website. If satisfied with the allotted seat, candidates need to report to the respective college within the given timeframe.

Step 4: Reporting to Allotted Colleges

Candidates who have been allotted a seat in Round 1 must report to their allotted colleges to complete the admission formalities. It is important to carry the necessary documents, such as NEET scorecard, admit card, identity proof, and other relevant certificates during the reporting process.

Step 5: Round 2 Seat Allotment

For candidates who wish to participate in the second round of counselling, they can update their choices and preferences during the specified period. The MCC will conduct another round of seat allotment based on the updated choices.

Step 6: Reporting to Allotted Colleges (Round 2)

Similar to Round 1, candidates who are allotted a seat in Round 2 need to report to their respective colleges and complete the admission process within the given timeframe.

Step 7: Mop-Up Round Seat Allotment

The Mop-Up Round is conducted for the remaining vacant seats after the completion of Round 2. Eligible candidates who have registered but did not get any seat in the previous rounds are considered for this round.

Step 8: Reporting to Allotted Colleges (Mop-Up Round)

Candidates who are allotted a seat in the Mop-Up Round must report to their respective colleges as per the specified schedule. It is crucial to complete the admission formalities promptly to secure the allotted seat.

Boost Your Chances with Comprehensive Preparation

Successfully navigating the NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023 requires thorough preparation and strategic decision-making. Here are a few tips to boost your chances of securing a seat in your desired medical college:

  1. Research: Gather detailed information about various medical colleges, their infrastructure, faculty, and location to make informed choices during the counselling process.
  2. Mock Counselling: Participate in mock counselling sessions to understand the process better and get a realistic view of the seat allocation based on your rank.
  3. Choice Prioritization: Prioritize your choices wisely based on factors such as your preferred specialization, college reputation, and geographical location.
  4. Documentation: Ensure you have all the necessary documents and certificates required for the counselling process. Keep them organized and readily available for reporting to the allotted college.
  5. Stay Updated: Regularly check the official MCC website and other reliable sources for updates and notifications regarding the NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023.


In conclusion, the NEET UG Counselling Schedule 2023 is a critical phase for aspiring medical students to secure admission in undergraduate courses. By understanding the process, important dates, and following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can enhance your chances of getting into your preferred medical college. Stay proactive, be well-prepared, and make informed decisions to pave the way for a successful career in medicine.