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Top 10 MBA colleges in India

Why do MBA applicants worry with Top 10 MBA Colleges in India rankings? It is simply because these top MBA rankings provide a terrific insight into a top MBA College’s alumni, students, employment reports, and classrooms. Top MBA colleges list assists students in selecting the best institution for their higher education. Rankings are based on facts, as well as quantity and experience. Much can be learned about the Schools’ academics, experience, network, outcomes, momentum, and trends, and it serves as a sort of check on these Business Schools. Rankings compel B-Schools to constantly improve and innovate. Most significantly, they hold business schools accountable for meeting expectations.

These Top 10 MBA Colleges in India Rankings are based on previous performance as well as a side-by-side comparison to their peers. Rankings provide insight into both upward and downward mobility, as well as brand dependability and consensus. The year 2022 has been a gamble, but it has echoed the agility of finest MBA institutions in India and their ability to respond and improvise in the face of distractions and uncertainties.

Discover the top 10 MBA colleges in India that can pave the way for your successful career in business management. Get insights, rankings, and expert information about these premier institutions.

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Eligibility criteria

To secure admission in the top MBA colleges in India, candidates typically need to meet certain eligibility criteria. While these criteria may vary slightly from one institution to another, here are the general requirements:

Educational Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree

Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or institution in any discipline.

Minimum Percentage

Many top MBA colleges require candidates to have a minimum percentage in their undergraduate studies, often around 50% or higher. Some institutions may relax this criterion for candidates with exceptional profiles.

Entrance Exam Scores

Common Admission Test (CAT): Most premier MBA colleges in India accept CAT scores. Candidates must appear for the CAT exam and achieve a competitive score.

Other Entrance Exams: Some colleges also consider scores from other entrance exams like XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), or CMAT (Common Management Admission Test). It’s essential to check the specific entrance exams accepted by the college you’re interested in.

Work Experience (Optional)

While many MBA programs in India accept both fresh graduates and candidates with work experience, some top institutions may prefer applicants with prior work experience. The amount of work experience required can vary, but it typically ranges from 0 to 2 years for fresh graduates.

Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

Shortlisted candidates are often required to participate in group discussions and personal interviews. These interactions assess candidates’ communication skills, leadership potential, and overall suitability for the MBA program.

Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation

Applicants may be asked to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) detailing their career goals and why they wish to pursue an MBA. Additionally, letters of recommendation from professors or employers may be required.

Entrance Exam Cutoffs

Each college sets specific cutoff scores for the entrance exams they accept. Candidates must meet or exceed these cutoffs to be considered for admission.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in India

1. IIM Ahmedabad

In the list of top 10 MBA Colleges in India IIM Ahmedabad is one of the major MBA Colleges in India, having been founded in 1981. It is a government-run business school. If you want to get into IIM Ahmedabad, you must go through a rigorous admissions process. You must pass the CAT entrance examination to be qualified to participate in the preliminary screening. The results of this exam should meet the college’s qualifying requirements.

The IIMA is well-known for its profitable placement trends. Many high-profile brands and companies have visited the institute during placement drives over the years. Mckinsey & Co., Roland Berger, Citibank, and Barclays all actively participate in placements. You can get prestigious jobs in general management, consulting, finance, marketing and sales, research and advisory, and so on. IIMA is well-known for its foreign placements in Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.

2. IIM Calcutta

In the list of top 10 MBA Colleges in India the IIMC is the first business school to provide postgraduate management degrees. It has 85 partner institutes all over the world. Admission to IIMC is also a difficult task. You must pass your CAT exam in order to do so. The B school will then undertake a personal interview round as well as a written ability exam (WAT). They will also take into account your Bachelor’s degree aggregate as well as the results of your 10th and 12th board exams.

Every year, students try their hardest to get into this extremely prestigious business institution because of the outstanding employment chances it provides. Every year, after completing the course, the placement drive begins in March. During the placement drives, reputable companies join the institute. As a result, all qualified candidates are given the opportunity to work for a high-paying position.

IIMC also provides scholarships to deserving students. The global exchange options provided by IIMC assist students in gaining greater worldwide exposure while pursuing business education. International partners of IIMC include the Louvain School of Management, Erasmus University, and the Rotterdam School of Management.

3. DMS IIT Delhi

If you have passed the CAT entrance examination with the required percentile, you can enroll in an MBA program at DMS IIT Delhi. In the list of top 10 MBA Colleges in India this business institution, which was founded in 1993, includes a 320-acre campus. It provides MBA, PhD, and Executive MBA programs. You must have a high CAT percentile in order to enroll in an MBA program. Also, take in mind that the aggregate of your Bachelor’s degree must be at least 60% at this college.

There was a 100% placement rate in 2017-19. All of the pupils were able to get excellent positions in well-known corporations. There were 111 students in total, and they received a remarkable 128 offers. Everyone is now contentedly situated in traditional business sectors such as consulting, marketing and sales, information technology and analytics, and so on. Reputable companies like as Capgemini, Amazon, Accenture, IBM, HDBC, HP, Deloitte, GAIL, EY, Shell, and others attend the DMS IIT Delhi campus placement drive.

4. XLRI Xavier School of Management

In the list of top 10 MBA Colleges in India this is the business school in Jamshedpur. If you want to apply for admission to XLRI-XMS, you must first pass the XAT, often known as the Xavier Aptitude Test. The exam is held every year in the month of January. Students from over 72 cities take the exam. A student must perform well in all of the components of the XAT tests.

You will be shortlisted for group discussions and personal interviews based on your XAT score. Your performance in the personal interview, group discussion, relevant work experience, academic records, and extra-curricular activities are also taken into account by the business college.

Because of its great placement record, XRL-XMS is quite popular among students. It works with some of the most well-known business enterprises and corporations. Every year, the B school receives 100% placements. During placements, these businesses give annual packages ranging from 20 LPA to 50 LPA. Students can work in industries such as consultancy, BFSI, analytics, finance, and business management.

XLRI-XSM is also well-known for its excellent scholarship programs. All deserving students who cannot afford the business school’s high tuition can apply for scholarships such as the Pirojsha Godrej Scholarship, Aditya Birla Scholarship, Capital First Scholarship, and others. These awards alleviate the financial load on both parents and students.

5. MDI Gurgaon

Management Development Institute is one of India’s best business schools. It is a for-profit business management school. The Industrial Finance Corporation of India established MDI. It is a well-known business institute because it is the first Indian business school to acquire international accreditation. It is also accredited by the highly sought-after South Asian Quality Standards (SAQS).

To enroll in the MBA program, you must complete an online form. The registration fee is approximately Rs 2200. Candidates will be shortlisted based on their CAT scores as well as other information provided on the forms. If you are shortlisted, the college administration will schedule a personal interview and group discussion round. If you pass these rounds, you will be admitted.

The B School’s excellent placement record will leave you speechless. The college has been able to enhance the average as well as the highest salary package acquired by worthy students with each placement season. The most expensive package is 40 LPA.

During the placement seasons, companies such as Asian Paints, Coca-Cola, ITC Ltd, L’Oreal, Nivea, Mother Diary, OYO Rooms, and many more actively engage with MDI Gurgaon.

6. IIM Lucknow

This is the fourth B school to join the IIM organization. It is recognized by reputable and well-known organizations like as AACSB. It has pioneering connections with some of the world’s finest business institutions, including Bocconi University, the University of St. Gallen, the Turku School of Economics, and others.

To be admitted to IIM Lucknow, you must obtain a high percentile in the CAT exam. The selection procedure is based on your CAT score, accomplishments, academic performance, and professional experience. If you pass all of these, you will be required to attend group discussions and a personal interview.

This B school has a strong track record of placement. Reputable companies have partnered with IIM Lucknow. Students acquire high-paying jobs during placement drives. Jobs are available at firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, Flipkart, and Amazon.

If you are deserving, you may be able to obtain scholarships to help pay for your tuition. IIML provides need-based scholarships depending on students’ financial circumstances and academic accomplishments. It provides fellowships, contingency grants, and conference funding.

7. IFIM Business School

IFIM is one of India’s most prestigious business schools. This is a for-profit business school. It accepts XAT, KMAT, CAT, and other admission exam scores. You must register in order to attend this college. You can apply both online and in person. According to IFIM’s eligibility criteria, you must be a graduate with a minimum GPA of 50%. You will be subjected to a stringent selection procedure that includes group exercises (GE), academics, work experience (WE), and an innovation potential test (IPT).

During the placement session, more than 150 companies participate. Every year, the college sees 100% placement.  Companies and firms involved in the placement campaigns include BFSI, Oracle, Nestle, Infosys, Cognizant, ITC, Wipro, and Mindtree.

IFIM is also well-known for its appealing scholarship programs such as the Super scholarship, academic scholarship, and scholar scholarship. These scholarships cover up to 75% of the tuition.

8. IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore, one of India’s top business schools, has received EQUIS certification. You must pass the CAT admission exam with an overall score of at least 80%. If you are chosen, you will be required to participate in a group discussion and a personal interview.

When it comes to placements, IIM Bangalore attracts various reputable firms during placement drives. You can get a high-paying job with MAQ software, Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, Coca-Cola, Google, Cognizant, and other organizations.

IIM Bangalore also provides merit-based and need-based scholarships. So, if you wish to lessen the financial strain of high tuition costs, you can apply for scholarships such as the Yes Bank Scholarship, the Hindustan Unilever Scholarship, and the Runwal Education Trust Scholarship, and so on.

9. NIMS University

NIMS University in Jaipur provides a variety of courses. However, one of the most sought-after courses here is the MBA. If you wish to apply for an MBA at NIMS University, you must first register. You can do so both online and offline. To gain admission to NIMS, you must pass the CAT tests. Before making your final choice, you must go through multiple rounds.

It provides fantastic placement opportunities. During placement days, large companies and brands such as Nivea, Accenture, IMB, Deloitte, and others visit the campus. Deserving pupils can easily obtain high-paying positions.

10. IIM Indore

IIM Indore is the final addition to our list. We can’t end the list without discussing this business school. MBA programs at IIM Indore are in high demand. If you want to enroll in IIM Indore, you must have at least a 50% aggregate in your Bachelor’s degree. You must also pass the CAT admission exam with a score of 90%. You will be shortlisted based on your tenth and twelfth grade point averages. In addition, the final decision will be based on the results of the personal interview and the written ability exam.

The placement service at IIM Indore is exceptional. PepsiCo, HDFC, ONGC, Ericson, Wipro, Titan, and Tata Motors have all worked successfully with the B school. During placement days, they come to campus. A student can expect an average package from business school of roughly 20.79 LPA. The biggest compensation package offered by the college to date is 85.29 LPA.